BISS Specialty Winner CKRR 2007
GRAND Champion Czech republic
Slovakian Champion
Hungarian Champion
Czech Champion
Show Champion HU
Club Champion SKCHR
Club Champion CKRR
Club Champion KCHRR
Multiple BOS

BOS - Club Winner of CKRR 2007
BOS- BEST BICH Speciality Show SKCHR 2007
BOS - Club Winner of RR Sport Club 2007
Slovakian Winner 2007 / 2008
TOP BITCH in Slovakia Rhodesian Ridgeback Club for years:

BEST Young female of SKCHR Speciality Show 2006
" Vice- Young Bitch of the Year 2006"
"BEST BITCH of the year 2007 SK RR Club "

/high point score WINNER SK RR Club 2007/
"CHAMPION of the year 2008"
- SK RR Club /high point score winner - bitches/


Tatto No 109RRD5
SPKP 1073
She is First Brown Nosed RR girl in Slovakia
and we are very happy for her :o)

BEST MOVEMENT - ČKRR Club show 2007 - by breed specialists Alicia Hanna and Frank de Paulo/USA/
BEST HEAD - ČKRR Club show 2007 - by breed specialists Alicia Hanna and Frank de Paulo/USA/
BEST RIDGE- I. place - SKCHR Club Show 2007
BEST MOVEMENT- II. place - SKCHR Club Show 2007
BEST HEAD- II place - SKCHR Club Show 2007
BEST HEAD - RR Sport Club Show 2007
BEST MOVEMENT - RR Sport Club Show 2007
BEST HEAD - Club Show HU 2009
BEST MOVEMENT - 1st. place Club SHow Komarom 2009

Day of Birth : 16.09.2005
Colour: red wheaten, brown nose, complette scissor bite, HD - 0/0, ED- 0/0, OCD free
height: 66-67 cm
full scissors bite
HD: 0/0, ED: 0/0, OCD: neg.
Thyroid - T3+T4+TSH+TGaa - negative
Dam: Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration (imp Australia) "DIVA"
Sir: Cheyenne of Ka-Ul-Li's Ridges (Austria) "GIANNI"
Breeder: Kathrin Sonnenberg , Web: HILLVALLEY kennel
Owner: Milada Krchňavá, Web: LUANDAkennel

This little brown nosed girl is our dream which came to real. Maybe it was the reason, she has such a name: Angel for Luanda:o)
After our Becky has died, we were very sad. I thought we won´t have a Ridgeback girl anymore. I was thinking about if we could imagine our lifes without RR world and friends. Because many friends told us we should try it again, my husband Tom and me decided for one more time. Keep fingers crossed for our sweet promissing little girl.
I searched and contacted some breeders, who had dogs that I liked. We had also some lovely offers.
I like Becky´s dady Vulcan and I sow the difference between others dogs -character and body build-, and that was what we loved on our Becky. Because of that, I point on pedigrees and breeds with Australian dogs from Ozrhode, Caprivi, Shelridge.
I contacted Kathrin Sonnenberg last Christmas 2004 and she let me know about her plain, to breed Diva - Ozrhode Wild Inspiration ...
I found in Kathrin very responsible, educated breeder and very nice person. She gave me first choice, she gave me all information I asked for. I am pleased I found such a Breeder. Kathrin - THANK you so much for everything !!! and especially for ANGEL for us :o)
Before we left Kathrin family with our Angel, I asked Kathrin, what she think about Angel- after who she is. Kathrin told me,that she thinks after Rusty. And look at them !!! she was right :o))) don´t you think?


Our Angel parents are Ch Ozrhode Wild Inspiration (imp Australia) "DIVA" x Cheyenne of Ka-Ul-Li's Ridges (Austria) "GIANNI" brown nosed boy.
In Diva´ s pedigree you find famous Ozrhode ridgebacks Gypsy, Rusty -her brown nosed dady, Jazz , Caprivi Inside Edge- Jag,
They were used in breeding many times in Australia and they have very quality progeny.
Gianni´s ancestors come from very well known USA kennel - Kwetu and he also has African lines in his blood after his mother Ctoret Benis Ridges (imp Israel) . Both Diva and Gianni are great movers and have quality hair and colour.
In the litter was no DS, any kinked tail, only few white marks. All puppies in A team were very similar to each other and had beautiful shiny red wheaten colour of the coat. Here you can find more about Angel´s brothers and sisters.

On this place I want to say THANKs to Vanessa Moyano and Šárka Štusáková for advices and some very interesting breeding information. And one more time -Kathrin- thank you for this sweetest thing we have ! for our Angel
We were waiting for this little girl one year. We believe, she will be very healthy and happy girl for all her life !
After our small girl grow up I will give you more information about her ;o)

9 weeks old

On Ani´s second Birthday 16.09.2007 - she won BISS out of 147 RR entry at Czech Specialty Club Show

3 years old - winning the prestige European FCI title - EUROPEAN WINNER 2008 at Eurodog Show Budapest 2008

Multiple - BEST GAITED RR Winner !!!

Ani has over 30 titles to her name! - from shows and competitions she entered!