LUANDA Rhodesian Ridgebacks   since 2002

Introducing our H-litter -born 10.04.2017

Ostatná aktualizácia: 12 apríl 2017
Napísané: 12 apríl 2017
Návštevy: 6628

Born 10.04.2017 - 4puppies: 2boys -black nosed /2girls-1black nosed, 1livernose
All ridged, No DS detected, No kinked tail, white marks in standard
Info about the parents + pedigree + more links to photos and videos.

1st BORN puppy: boy -mr BLUE - time of the Birth: 14:42 - weight 500gr
mr blue

2nd BORN puppy: boy -mr GREEN - time of the Birth: 15:40 - weight 480gr
mr green

3rd BORN puppy: girl -ms Yellow - time of the Birth: 18:06 - weight 520gr
ms yellow

4th BORN puppy: girl -ms Red - time of the Birth: 20:15 - weight 580gr
ms red