Our L - litter arrived 17.July 2023

17.07.2023 we welcomed our expected LUANDA L-miracles❤️💙
Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda x Erebos Arte Cassari
Nessy started the delivery at 01:28am (17.07.) delivered 11 puppies in just 4hours (unfortunately one girl was stillborn - "watered".
I did my best to bring her back, but it did not worked - run free sweet angel) than Nessy had 2hours pause and afterwards she brought another 2 babies..
I am so happy and proud of our beloved Nessy, how smooth and fast delivery it was. We have ALL puppies with ridges - only one girl has 1crown extra -all other ridges ok. The final score is 12 puppies 8 boys & 4 girls.
I feel so very thankful to all stars in heaven to all our guardian angels and for all best wishes.

Detailed info about our babies HERE !
LUANDA L-litter 17.Jul 2023
Information about PARENTS:

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