16-17.09.2017 videos from 2x CACIB Nitra

17.09.2017 - Nitra Winner show - LUANDA Best Breeders Group -1st place.

16.09.2017 - Nitrawa Cup - Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda - Best Minor puppy - 1st place.

16.09.2017 - Nitrawa Cup - LUANDA Best Breeders Group -3th place.

16.09.2017 - Nitrawa Cup - Follow my Heart by Luanda - presented in champion clas.

Once more thanks my dear LUANDA team: Lea, Michal, Boris for amazing job with our babies.
Special thanks to Boris for this videos from this unforgetable moments.

16.09.2017 - CACIB Nitra - Nitrawa Cup = Minor BIS puppy & BEST BREEDERS group 3 !!!

Amazing show day at CACIB Nitra show on grandmam Ani *Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda* Birthday (SHE is 12 y.o. today )
My biggest THANKS to Leona MarieBoro FXMichal HA
RR judge: Lozic Željko
Minor puppy class: Ozzy, Nessy, Champion class: Elis - more photos in photogallery

00 img 9121
Ozzy - Very promissing 1

00 img 9141
Nessy - Very promissing 1
***BIS Minor PUPPY -1st place***
00 img 9142
Elis - Excellent

Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda - Very promissing 1 &
at the final ring judged by Šipkovský Martin/SK - ***BIS Minor PUPPY -1st place !!!***
Minor puppy class:
Hot´N Wild by Luanda *Ozzy* - Very promissing 1
Champion class: Grand Ch, Ch, Multi Winner Follow my Heart by Luanda *Elis* - Excellent
**** BREEDERS GROUP at final ring judged by O. de Castro Catarina/PT - 3th PLACE ****
00 img 9191
After some years I am so thankful for having puppies placed in owners living at Slovakia, with who I can do the breeders group...
this was our second try together and here is the result... I am on cloud 9. :)*

Happy Birthday our beloved Ani !!! 12years old today

... because of HER ....... our beloved ANI
SHE is 12 years old TODAY... our Queen our living leggend our love HAPPY BIRTHDAY our LOVE
Ani 12years old
C.I.B., BISS, Multi Grand Ch, Multi Ch, Multi Winner, Multi TOP dog winner - Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda - *16.09.2005 - the living liver leggend....
our queen, the grand mam and mam and 1st brood female in our kennel.... our happiness ever after

15.09.2017 - Specialty SKCHR - Nessy, Ozzy, Elis, Filli, Yman

Our LUANDA team participated the Slovakian Ridgeback Specialty - judged by breed specialist Monika Pehr:
Minor puppy class:
Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda *Nessy* -
Very promissing 1 *** BISS Minor puppy***
BEST RIDGE - 1st place
BEST YOUNG HEAD female - 3th place
Hot ´N Wild by Luanda *Ozzy*
Very promissing 2
BEST YOUNG HEAD male - 1st pace
Champion class:
Grand Ch Ch Follow my Heart by Luanda *Elis* - Excellent 4
Pet class: Flash of Light by Luanda - Excellent 3
and this time I took my liver sweet Ch Dreamed Yman by Luanda /6 years old/ - mam of Nessy, Ozzy, Elis, Filli - who compeeted in Honour class with Excellent 1st place & BEST MOVEMENT -3th place

00 img 8996
00 img 8997
00 img 8999
Filli & Ozzy

I want to THANKs so much my dear friends Lea, Boris, Michal for helping me with Ymi & Nessy the all day and also with handling in final ring with my girls, and compeeting... thanks you made my day dears !!!

10.09.2017-Regional dog show Pezinok- Ozzy & Nessy

We have participated a Regional dog show Pezinok mainly to train our babies from H-litter /Yman x Farey/
Henessey Sunrise by Luanda *Nessy* & Hot´n Wild by Luanda *Ozzy* -5months old today.
Both finished with very promissing 1 and Ozzy did an amazing job and finished as BEST in SHOW Minor PUPPY !!! ... I know it is just a small show, but I am proud of both babies... :)
Thanks Michal for handling Ozzy so well and for a nice day at the show! Can not be more proud ! The happiness is composite from small things :) !

0 ozzy vp1 biss baby 4 0 nessy vp1 5w
Hot´N Wild by Luanda - BISS minor puppy - Very promissing 1 Hennessey Sunrisse by Luanda - Very promissing 1

more photos HERE

Fadil Nallah by Luanda *Woody* - Champion of United Kingdom !!!

We have New Champion - this time CHAMPION of UNITED KINGDOM !!!
GB Ch Fadil Nallah by Luanda for Tukela /Yman x Azizi/
08.September 2017 - Woody won his crowing CC at Richmond Championship Dog Show under breed specialist Gill Lawless and he's still only 2 years of age.
woody may2017 2
Thank you Milada Krchnava for entrusting me with this very special boy -words from his owner Carina. Can not say how much I am proud of you both !!!

RIP Awesome Enzo by Luanda *18.03.2008- +28.08.2017 :´/

We've spent so much Enik together, and suddenly you've been unexpectedly gone ..... ⯑⯑⯑
enzo in memory2017 w
I am happy that you lived a beautiful life in a great family with Ivovcami, from the very beginning we had our great hope, our star, our "special dog" and really incredible dog .... you will miss all our power .... we will never forget ❤ ️❤️❤️kisses to heaven from mother Ani, sister Lexi and all of us 2 and 4legged ... run free love ....

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Nessy+Ozzy at their 1st show Elis - Grand Ch of SK - 2xCACIB BA

We participated 2 x CACIB Bratislava/SK - 19-20.08.2017
LUANDA team rocked the ring !!!
Hot´n Wild by Luanda *Ozzy* - 2 x Very promissing 1
Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda *Nessy* - Very promissing 1 & Very promissing 2
and we are very happy and proud that our amazing Follow my Heart by Luanda *Elis*- won champion class with Excellent 1 CAC, res CACIB + Excellend 2 res CAC the other day,
and fullfilled contitions for the tile GRANDCHAMPION of SLOVAKIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nessy very promissing1 4months old 0 ozzy cacib ba 2x cacib ba follow my heart by luanda
Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda Hot´n Wild by Luanda Follow my Heart by Luamda

mini heartThanks my dear friends/owners of our puppies Lea+Boris+Michal for lovely weekend.mini heart ... some more photos in gallery

Got the Soul by Luanda - Champion of GERMANY !

Our sweet boy Got the Soul by Luanda *Cubi* had finished his title CHAMPION of GERMANY this Summer !!!
Cubi im Liegen june2017
we are very proud and happy for this goergoues boy!
mini heartThanks to his wonderful owenrs Silke and Markus Groh from Germany !mini heart

Holder of:

30 x Class Wins , 6 x J CAC, 1 x res. J CAC, 17 x CAC, 5 x res. CAC, 5 x CACIB, 3 x res. CACIB, 1 x Best Baby, 1 x Best Puppy,  5 x Best Junior of Breed, 11 x Best Male, 3 x BOS, 8 x BOB, 3 x BIG- 2, 1 x JBIG- 3, 1 x BIG- 3

Empress Zoe by Luanda - another show success !

zoe july2017Our gorgeous EMPRESS ZOE BY LUANDA / Lexi x Eddie/ export Swedden
Ransäter Dog Show: "The princess of today, elegant lines, well-built, beautiful expression, moves very well"
BB 2 Reserv CACIB

All babies from our H-team are in loving families

I can say with pleasure, that all our babies from F-team are having the best families I could wished for them !
Thank you all my dears new owners! I am so happy having you in our LUANDA family :) !

This is a story that is touching me... all started almost 10 years ago so unexpectedly... with our lovely liver boy from A-litter - "RUSTY" *Akeron Great DeJaVu Luanda* ...
after he passed away the owners of Rusty feeled they would be happy to have another liver.....
here is the story..... thanks so much Joyce and Martjin mini heartmini heart
photo taken September 2015 -at Orlik/CZ - the liver boy is the one and only - our mini heartRUSTYmini heart
A special story /written by Joyce /NL -the owner of our special liver girl from H-litter:

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Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda ***Nessy***

Our new addition to the pack - a gift from the heaven !!! I am very thankful for having this little sunshine !
Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda - ***Nessy*** /from our H -litter / Dreamed Yman by Luanda x Jelany Red Djimbo Farey
00 IMG 6471 fb

Fadil Nallah by Luanda *Woody* - BIS !!!

***BEST IN SHOW*** at South West Hound Show - United Kingdom
on 29 May 2017 (a belated boast)
Fadil Nallah by Luanda for Tukela (from our F-litter - Yman x Azizi)
woody may2017 2
Breed Judge: Mark Cannon - breed specialist
Critique: "A superb wheaten male with the kindest of expressions. Nice round eye with correct planes in head, good ear set with excellent length of neck leading into lovely sloping shoulder blades and return of upper arm. Elbows close to body. Nicely boned throughout. Excellent length of rib cage and loin leading into correct croup and having correct bend of stifle. He moved effortlessly with good drive coming and going and also when viewed in profile. Presented in superb condition. BOB and later BIS!!"
On the same day Woody again won his Limit class at Bath Championship Show
Link to SW Hound Club website for official photo :) http://www.southwesthoundclub.co.uk/res…/results_may_17.html
Photo courtesy of Lena Piehl (taken at SRRA Championship Show, where he won the CC and RBIS)

Other amazing show result was on
7 May 2017 Southern RR Association Championship Show 1st Limit dog class, Best Dog and CC, RBIS

Our H-litter 3weeks old

They oppened their eyes, started to recognize each other and us, their teeths grew up and they also tried their first meal -not from milk bar :), and tested sweet gently cuddles from my twins S+N :) - more photos here
img 0681

H-team 2weeks old

How they grew up into 2weeks you can see in photogallery here.
img 0526

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Happy Easter !!!

HAPPY EASTER dear friends !
happy easter2017 web
tried to have some photo with our best 4 EasteRR eggs ever :) !

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10.04.2017 -our H-litter is HERE !!!

10.04.2017 we were blessed to welcome to the world our wonderful 4 mini heartmini heartmini heartmini heart - H-litter (Yman x Farey)
-and yes SHE is there :) - our new girl :)
You can see them in detail at their INTRUDICUNG PAGE -HERE :)
img 0075

April 2017-shows- Elis + Cubi

09.04.2017 CACIB Luxembourg
Got the Soul by Luanda "Cubi"'
( Alexis Femme fatale Luandfa x Kadamo Itś  Now or Newer)
-first start in a really strong Champion Class with 12 entries in the age of 25 months :

Judge: Mr. Vlastislav Vojtek
Excellent 1, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, BOS
Champion of Luxembourg
Qualified for Crufts 2018
handler: Anastasia Kharitonova

Danube Duo CACIB Bratislava
(Dreamed Yman by Luanda x Azizi Nille KwaNyoni)

1.4.2017- judge: L. Vrtík - SK
Champion class: Excellent 1 CAC, CACIB, BOS

2.4.2017 judge: M. Bocianowski - PL
Trieda šampionov : Excellent 1 CAC
handler: Aneta Ehrenbergerová

Pregnancy diary - day 60

60 day 1Day 60 - the day of birth is comming soon.... mini heart

18.03.2017 - Breeders Seminar

0 uvodIn previous weeks I spent plenty of time to prepare a presentation /for projection/ and prepared many articles  for the Breeders Seminar which I was leading on 18.March 2017.
My aim of the seminar was to prepare the new breeders for the breeding time in theirs kennel, to improve theirs breeding skills knowledge and also to give them an idea that our responsibility in health, genetic and also exterier of our beloved breed is very high. I believe the participants are well prepared now, about what to look after in searching their stud dog, for the right time of the perfect matting day, they know what things should they have by hand when the day of birth will come and they have many information how to help their bitch /puppies while the the proces of birth is in progress and how to care for mam and puppies in first 8 weeks after the birth.

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Lexi & A-litter 9 years old!

18.03.2008 - 9years ago we welcomed to the world our amazing A-litter!
lexi HB 9web
It is unbelievable they are 9 today ! Happy Birthday our beloved!

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Pregnancy diary of our expected H-litter - on-line

Pregnancy diary is up-dated today :)
32 2

Got the Soul by Luanda - TOP Junior Male of TER and JME CLEAR !!!

We are very happy and proud of Lexi x Elvis boy - Got the Soul by Luanda !
He was tested for JME and he is CLEAR ! no carrier,
and he participated in competition of TER and is the TOP JUNIOR MALE 2016 !!!
ter top2016 01
cubi topJmale jme clear

Corageous Aston by Luanda - JME CLEAR !!!

We have another boy from our kennel tested, this time from C-litter Lexi x Akala
Corageous Aston by Luanda - JME CLEAR !!! :)
corageous aston jme clear

Pregnancy confirmed by USG !

We awaiting puppies :) !!!
Our princess Dreamed Yman by Luanda with her prince Jelany Red Djimbo Farey expecting puppies !
March 2017 ymi pregnant

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