Date Yman x Azizi - 15.09.2014

As Yman started her heat at the beginning of September,
our plans had to be changed again and few days ago we visited Yman´s boyfriend Azizi!!!
In about 20 days we hope to have a happy news :) Keep fingers for us!

to see more photos of Yman x Azizi click on the photo.

21.09.2014 - E-litter is 2years young today :) Happy B-Day :)

It was 2years ago, when we welcomed to the world babies from Lexi x Eddi - our E-litter!
We wish you lots of health, love & many more happy days with your wonderful families !!!


Zoe - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Winner 2014 - Danish champion !!!

Our unstoppable Zoe -  Empress Zoe by Luanda on her second Birthday shined at the show ring in Kodan!

She finished the Danish Champion title in a very big style, CAC, CACIB, BOB,  Winner 2014 !
I also recieved such a nice message form her owner Marianne:
I just would like to share a happy moment I had with Zoe.
In Sweden we do a mentally test with most dogs, especially if you wish to use them for breeding in the future. I did this test this week and Zoe did excellent.
She is so cool, never angry never afraid, no fear and very good at solving "problems" and of cause 100% gun proof.

I just would like to tell you we are soooooooo happy with this fantastic girl.  ....

What can a say as a breeder! I am over the moon !!! so happy for our baby girl!

16.09.2014 - Our queen Ani is 9 years old !

Our Queen "Ani" - Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda is 9years old today!!!
.... we love you and want to have you here happy and healthy many more years!
Thanks for everything my beloved girl !

14.Sept.2014- Sunny - CAC, BOB, BIG !!! /Italy

National Dog Show Treviso 14-09-2014 /Italy
Escape to heart by Luanda (Sunny)
int. class 1 exc CAC, BOB...and BOG!!!
We are very proud over you our Sunny Italian girls :) !!!

13-14.Sept.2014- Zara 2x Exc.1 CAC Lucenec/SK

Evening Star of Luanda /Zarka/ rocked the ring  - both days winning her class with CAC !!!

14.09.2014 CACIB Lucenec (SK)
rozhodca: Viera Staviarska SK

13.09.2014 CAC Lucenec (SK)      
rozhodca: Levente Miklos (HU)

CACIB Bratislava - August 2014

CACIB Bratislava - August 2014

Evening Star of Luanda - ZARKA - interm. class
zarka-caciBA august2014
Dreamed Yman by Luanda - YMAN - champion class
00fb-IMG 1908-1

Once again BIG Congratulations :) !!!

E- team girls rocked ring in Sweden and Italy again :) !!!

Our beautiful puppies from E-litter are unstoppable ! :) / August 2014/

Escape to Heart by Luanda /exp. Italy
- Internazionale di Ancona Intermedia Class -
sunny aug bob

Empress Zoe by Luanda /exp. SWE
- International dog show Jönköping - Openclass -
Day 1 Exc 1 CAC, 3. Best Bitch,
Day 2 Exc 1 CAC, res. Best Bitch,
Day 3 Exc 1


I am sooooo PROUD !!!!!!!!!!! :) and of course happy for you my dear owners :)

BISS 2014 - Empress Zoe by Luanda - WON it all !!!

We are soooo happy and proud!
Another BISS from our kennel,
only 20months old baby girl from our E-litter (Lexi x Eddi) following her grandmam Ani !!!

BISS-14 KBHV-13 HeJW-13 NJW-13 JW-13 V-13
Empress Zoë By Luanda


at the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback specialty BISS-2014.

In the last 6 months this amazing girl has managed to achieve:
-Helsinki Junior Winner 2013
-Nordic Juniorwinner 2013
-Finnish Junior Winner 2013
-Finnish Winner 2013
-Qualified to CRUFTS 2014

-Qualified to CRUFTS 2015
-Winner of yearlingclass at CRUFTS 2014
- BOB, BOG placements and BISS
-Best mover at the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback specialty BISS-2014
-BEST IN SHOW at the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback specialty BISS-2014
And she´s only 20 months old, So proud over this amazing girl♥

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Puppy plans 2014-2015

We plan an exiting litter for end of the year 2014 !!!  Na koniec roka 2014 plánujeme šteniatka !!!

The Dam* will be our sweet liver girl - Ch. Dreamed Yman by Luanda - Sir * - .......................................
Info comming soon!
00-IMG 7351

Empress ZOE by Luanda - CAC,CACIB,BOB, Crufts 2015 qual. !!!

Amazing Lexi´s daughter /Lexi x Eddi/ -  Zoe rocked the ring again CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 2 and qualified to Cruft 2015 !!!

Zoes critique: Almost 2 years old well build bitch with nice size and excellent type and so well propotioned. Lovely head and expression. Clean nick, nice lay of shoulder. Nice topline and tailset. Excellent body for age. Well angulated and mucled rear. Offers an easy movment and she has a very alert movement. Once more a pleasure to watch her!

Clayton my Hero by Luanda - winning at Washington/USA !

After 1year pause from dog shows, Lexis beautiful liver son Clayton my Hero by Luanda /Lexi x Akala/
collected his ponts for USA champin title in big style!
Congratulations! we are very proud !!!
maj-clayton my hero

26.04.2014 IDS -České Budějovice -Yman & Diego

Our liver "babies" Yman & Diego entered champion class at Internatinal dog show Ceske Budejovice - CZ
Judge: breed specialist. Staniclava Janická /ze Sulické Tvrze kennel/

Výborná 2 res CAC s plným CAC-om
posudzovala- špecialistka na plemeno: Stanislava Janická /CZ: 3,5 letá fena, hnedonos, typická hlava, správny dlouhý rámec, krásne predhrudí, pekný pohyb
/- potrebujeme už len 1 cac na českého šampiona :)/
Ch- Dreamed Yman by Luanda - CC from IDS Ceske Budejovice
Judgement: 3,5 years old female, livernose, typical head, correct body shape, beautiful front, nice movemet

Our gorgeous liver boy Ch- Diego el Primo by Luanda at IDS Ceske Budejovice/ CZ in champion class: Excellent 2 res CAC in a very strong champion class
judgement: 3years old male, strong in body, liver nose, typical head, dry neck, balanced representative of the breed, beautiful long body frame, elegant in movement

24.04.2014 - Escape to Heart by Luanda -Exc 1 CC -Italy!

National dog show Ravenna: Escape to heart by Luanda aka Sunny. Intermediate Classe : 1 EXC and CAC!!!
her first CAC in her first show after a long pause from showring!!
We are sooooo happy and proud!! And with a very nice judgement.Thanks judge Sandra Piscedda


30.03.2014 -Awesome Enzo by Luanda - BIS-3 !!! :)

30.03.2014 Internatinal Dog Show - Nitra /Slovakia
Our wonderful ICh, Multi Ch, Multi Winner - Awesome ENZO by Luanda  in honour class Exc.1,
and in final competition from honour group BIS 3 !!!

handler: Veronika Olešovská

18.03.2014 - Lexi is 6 years old today!

Our Lexi -  Alexis Femme Fatale Luanda from A-litter is 6 years old today!
We want to wish you to stay healthy, happy and the same like you are! Many more happy days with your mam Ani and half sister Yman and us :)!
Lexi - 6years kopie

Happy Birthday to our March puppies !

Lots of health, love, happines my dear puppies! I know you are in good hands, and enjoy your life with your families!
Thanks to all owners giving our puppies such a nice home!
Kisses to every puppy from A-litter and our special "the only ONE" princess - Bellisssima Nell by Luanda fro our B-litter /AI/.


kami-4-birthday01 kopie

Empress ZOE by Luanda - WON Yearlingclass at Crufts !!!

I was so pleassed when I recieved a message from Marianne Möllstam - that Zoe / Lexi´s daughter/, Tina and Marianne + Bo
enter the CRUFTS dog show at Birmingham last weekend - just for fun! :)
BUT ! - this wonderful show team had not only  fun !!!

KBHV-13 HeJV-13 NJW-13 JW-13 V-13 Empress Zoe By Luanda wins a large Yearlingclass at Crufts !!!
Empress Zoe by Luanda is the 1st ridgeback from Luanda - who entered this prestigious show - and WON !!!
I am so proud, happy and thankfull to wonderful Zoe´s owners Mariane + Bo & Tina who also handled Zoe at Crufts!

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22.02.2014 - Edge Remington of Luanda - Exc 1 CAJC !

Edge Remington of Luanda "Remi" the only one black nosed boy from our E-litter (Lexi x Eddi)
- had today his first show in Lithuania, Panevezhys. Hi has got his second Junior CAC. !!!!
Congratulations !!! we are very proud! Lexi´s puppies rock the rings in many countries !!!! youhuuuu !!!! I am a happy breeder :).