16.02.2014 - Escape to Heart by Luanda - CAJC, BOB !!! JCh of Italy ***

Our unstoppable *Sunny* - Escape to Heart by Luanda (Lexi x Eddi litter) -export Italy
shined at dog show again with the high points ! Excellent 1 CAJC, BOB - judge: M.T. Gabrielli Mondo
With this results she finished her new title: JUNIOR CHAMPION of ITALY !!!!
I am so proud of Sunny and her owner Elena Marini, who had no experience at the show rings before, and now they rocked the rings since the year 2014 started !!!
Keep on going this way! You are my Sunnies ! :) <3

16.02.2014- Awesome ENZO by Luanda - CAC,CACIB,BOS !!!

16/02 on CACIB FeHoVa Winter dog show Budapesť
our wonderful boy from A-litter /Ani x Lex/ AWESOME ENZO BY LUANDA - finished with amazing result!
Champion class Winner, Excellent 1CAC, Best male - CACIB, BOS !!!

Congratulations to happy owner Iva - I am very happy and proud of you! :)

E - puppies rocked the show rings again !!!

Last weekend our wonderful puppies from E-litter /Lexi x Eddi/ entered show rings and finished with wonderful show results:

Ecume des Jours of Luanda "Lilli" /livernose/ - took it all!!! Excellent 1CAC, BOB, BIG -3

Escape to Heart by Luanda "Sunny" classe giovani femmine: 1 EXC
judge Fulvio Titonel

Proudly presenting parents of our next litter 2014

Beautiful Lexi´s daughter ZOE -
KBHV-13 HeJV-13 NJW-13 JW-13 V-13
Empress Zoe By Luanda wins a large Yearlingclass at Crufts
!!! more in NEWS 2014.
more info here -Luanda planned litter for 2014

01.February 2014 Sunny winning again :)

01/02/2014 Internazionale di Forlì /Italy
Escape to Heart by Luanda "Sunny" 1 exc BEST YOUNG FEMALE and BEST
(photo: Elena Marini)
Congratulations to a happy owner Elena Marini :) !!!

2 wonderful news for today :)

1) I recieved the B-locus test result of the Mr.Right of our next litter - result is B/b :) !!!
- what means there will be also liver- nosed babies this Spring !!! Info comming soon !!!

2) our "Diego el Primo by Luanda" will be a daddy in about 30 days.
The ultrasound confirmed pregnancy of his girlfriend Phoebe/ Slovakia :)

00-IMG 7351

18.01.2014 - CACIB Trenčín /SK

18.01.2014 CACIB dog show Trenčín
judge: Staviarska Viera
Dreamed Yman by Luanda - champion class: Excellent 2, res CAC
Evening Star of Luanda - junior class: Excellent 3

00web-IMG 1369
Dreamed Yman by Luanda - 3years old photo: Milada Krchnava

Empress Zoe by Luanda: HD:0/0, ED: 0/0

KBHV-13 HeJW-13 NJW-13 JW-13 V-13 Empress Zoë By Luanda.
Lexi x Eddi beautiful daughter is:
HD: 0/0, ED: 0/0 !!!
Photo: Jenny Jurnelius
What a great news! we are very happy! :)

04.01.2014- National Dog Show - Brno -Yman Exc.1 CC!

My beloved liver girl - Ch Dreamed Yman by Luanda at National dog show Brno
- champion class winner -Excellent 1 CAC !!!
Thanks to the breeder specialist: Šárka Štusákova for recognizing the quality of my girl!
photo Borana -thanks :)
***A video from the show: Yman waging her tail in champion class as the winner: Yman at video :00:20min.***

04.01.2014 Empress Zoe by Luanda - CAC at MyDog show/ SWE

Our wonderful gril from Luanda E-team - "ZOE"
KBHV-13 HeJW-13 NJW-13 JW-13 V-13 Empress Zoë By Luanda 15 months
MyDog Int.dog show in Gothenburg,1st place Intermediate class, Excellent, Ck (Cc)

photo copyright: Jenny Jurnelius. Thanks Jenn :)

01.January - D-litter 3years old

Our D-litter is 3years old today !!! Happy B-day our dear puppies!
- lots of health and many more happy moments with your wonderful families ♥♥
- if our "Lady - Denny Saranga" is here she would celebrate her 12years.... we love you forewer

d-litter-3yrs-1 kopie