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We are very proud to introduce to the world our NEW STUD DOG
the very friendly RR-boy
-mini heartHot´N Wild by Luandamini heart
Ozzy 18months 2018 ad 01

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... we fighted for her health about one month.... last week it seemed all better, .....we made for her our best we could do.....
04.08.2018 she peacefully passed away in her dreams ...... Run free LOVE .... there are no words to say what you mean to us and how much we miss you....
Ani 12years old

Ani RIP 04 08.2018wThere’s a special Angel in heaven
that is a part of me,
It is not where I wanted her to be
but where God wanted her to be.
She was here but just a moment
like a nighttime shooting star.
And though she is in Heaven
she isn’t very far.

She touched the hearts of many
like only an angel can do.
I would’ve held her every minute
if the end I only knew.
So send this special message
to heaven up above.
Please take care of my Angel God
and send her all my love.

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from left mr Green, Ms Red & Mr Blue.
5 weeks i litter

Napísané: 17 jún 2018
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We are looking after show home for correct LIVER BOY and after loving family for our baby girl who has in the RIDGE extra half crown.
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00w IMG 2653
New photos in GALLERY of our I-litter 2018
to see and read about the RIDGE of our princess RED read more

Napísané: 13 apríl 2018
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25.March 2018 - we welcomed our so much expected I - litter (Yman x Dodger)
Luanda I litter
We have 3 puppies: 2 boys - liver nosed and 1girl with a black nose.
All puppies with ridges, tails- ok, no excessive white, DS - not found at the moment.
If you have SERIOUS INTEREST in a correct LIVER BOY pls contact me.
to read the fulll story of the 25.March 2018 - read more.....

Napísané: 27 marec 2018
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We proudly present our gorgeous girl Follow my Heart by Luanda (Yman x Azizi) who finished this weekend 3titles ! :)
Champion of Romania, Grand Champion of Romania, INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION !!!
eliska samp grand samp rumunska 03 2018
mini heartCongratulations my dears friends Lea x Boro - I am sooo proud and happy for your successes !!!mini heart

Napísané: 26 marec 2018
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Here is the result of our trip to Germany on 24-25.January 2018. !!!
mini heartmini heartmini heartyouhuu  PREGNANCY confirmed - we expect PUPPIES  at the end of March !!!mini heartmini heartmini heart
00 sono19.02.2018
It is the last litter of our sweatest Dreamed Yman by Luanda ! So exited to welcome the little ones :) !!!

Napísané: 01 marec 2018
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We rocked again :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
judge: Jaroslav Jursa
Henessey Sunrise by Luanda - Excelent 1 CAJC, Junior BOB, Slovakian Junior Winner
Hot´N Wild by Luanda - Excelent 1 CAJC, Slovakian Junior Winner
Follow My Heart by Luanda - Excellent 3
18.02.2018 Best breeders group LUANDA
mini heartThanks to my dear "Luanda show team" mini heart

Napísané: 28 február 2018
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Nessy and Elis - show results from FeHoVa Winterdogshow in Budapest /Hungary
Grand Ch. Multi Ch Follow my Heart by Luanda - champ. class
15.02.2018 - Excellent 1 CAC
16.02.2018 - Excellent 3
17.02.2018 - Excelent 2
Henessey Sunrise by Luanda - junior class
15.02.2018 - Excellent 2
16.02.2018 - Excellent 4
17.02.2018 - Excelent 1 HPJ
Thanks to my dear friend Lea for lovely time tgether and all the friends we meet there
Fehova budapest nessy Feb.2018Fehova budapest elis Feb.2018

Napísané: 28 február 2018
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10-11.02.2018 - 2x CACIB Nitra - LUANDA ridgies compeeting in best breeders group again and won - BEST in SHOW - 2nd place  !!!
Henessey Sunrise by Luanda, Hot´n Wild by Luanda - in junior class 2nd place both days
Follow my Heart by Luanda in champion class - excellent 2, 1x res CACIB
11.02.2018 Nitra breeders group2 web
Thanks my dear friends for such a nice presentation ❤️❤️❤️

IMG 1001 fb
Henessey Sunrise by Luanda
IMG 1002fb
Hot´n Wild by Luanda
IMG 1003fb
Follow my Heart by Luanda
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Our little babies Nessy & Ozzy born 10.04.2017 / Yman x Farey / entered the show ring in babies and puppies age
and have anough points to be BEST puppy Winners in the Slovakian Breeders Club competition 2017.

Slovakian Puppy Champion - Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda *NESSY*- BEST PUPPY of the YEAR 2017 - SKCHR -1st place
nessy best PUPPY 2017

Slovakian Puppy Champion - Hot ´n Wild by Luanda *OZZY*- VICE PUPPY of the YEAR 2017 - SKCHR
ozzy best PUPPY 2 2017

Napísané: 18 január 2018
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Proud to announce that Grand Ch, Ch, Multi Winner ***Follow My Heart by Luanda***
was awarded in competitions of SKJ Slovakian kennel Union and SKCHR /Slovakian breeders Club/ :
BEST BITCH 1st place 2017 - Slovakian Dog Cup - SPKP
BEST BITCH 1st place 2017 - Slovakian Dog Cup - open category from all entered RRs in Slovakia
VICE BITCH of the YEAR 2017

Napísané: 18 január 2018
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A new year is like a clean page to start from a new and the pen is in your hands. So write the most beautiful new chapter of your life. Happy New Year!
luanda Happy New Year 2018

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