Nessy & Ozzy - BEST PUPPIES of the year 2017 SKCHR

Our little babies Nessy & Ozzy born 10.04.2017 / Yman x Farey / entered the show ring in babies and puppies age
and have anough points to be BEST puppy Winners in the Slovakian Breeders Club competition 2017.

Slovakian Puppy Champion - Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda *NESSY*- BEST PUPPY of the YEAR 2017 - SKCHR -1st place
nessy best PUPPY 2017

Slovakian Puppy Champion - Hot ´n Wild by Luanda *OZZY*- VICE PUPPY of the YEAR 2017 - SKCHR
ozzy best PUPPY 2 2017