LUANDA Rhodesian Ridgebacks   since 2002
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ESTW-15 KBHV-13 HeJW-13 NJW-13 JW-13 V-13 CIB EECH NOUCH SEVCh NORDUCH Empress Zoë By Luanda
BOB, BOG-2, CACIB, CAC, Estonian Winner 2015, Estonian Champion, International Champion and qualified for Crufts 2016, on the 30th and another BOB the 31th
She was also tested for Early Onset Adult Deafness and found clear! :)
zoe maj2015

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photos soon !!!

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It is not fair when you bred, you must send all puppies away, as there is no more space for having just one more.....
my love, my little boy my big hope- mr olive- Giorgio Armani today leaved us with lovely family....
I know he will be fine and happy... just I can´t stop tears........last photos of him at our place today.....

00w IMG 6416
I believe I find to all my lovely babies wonderful families!
I wish that all of my puppies will be happy and healthy ridgebacks, bringing lots of joy and happines to theirs new families.... <3
Hugs and kisses to all of you my dears !!!
00 IMG 6453

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In previous week we had lots of puppy owners here who came to us to pick up theirs babies.....
Mr black - Goliath/ export France, Mr Orange - Sultan/ export Austria, Ms Red - Ginger Rose /export Austria,
Mr yellow - Mike/ Slovakia, Ms Lilla - Noyoti/ export Czech rep. Ms Pink - Nel/ Slovakia
Ms Green - Gina / Slovakia, Mr light blue - Cuba/ export Germany, Mr white - Edie/ Slovakia
Mr dark blue - Cabo / flew to CANADA
It was a hard Good Bye....
he placed his head on my arm and stayed there so tight.... he knew he goes....
Cabo is on his way to his new home to Canada 14.05.2015....

00 IMG 6361 00 IMG 6368
15.05.2015 - Cabo luckily arrived to Canada and is happy in hiw new lovely family :)
00 image14 00 image1
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Grandwill Cabo by Luanda resting with his brother Giorgio Armani :)
00w IMG 6309
Last sunny evening at out home !

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Here is new PHOTO album - 8wks old .
In previous week all puppies were microchiped, vaccinated and had the oficial Club control of SKCHR.
Names of puppies:

Giorgio Armani by Luanda

- Slovakia
Glorious Mike by Luanda

- Slovakia
Gianni Di Gio by Luanda

- Slovakia
Garet Hank by Luanda
img 5036
export AUSTRIA
Great Goliath by Luanda

- export FRANCE
Got the Soul by Luanda

- export Germany
Grandwill Cabo by Luanda

- export CANADA
Ginger Rose by Luanda

- export Austria
Gwen Ginny By Luanda
img 4976
- Slovakia
Gamada Noyti by Luanda

- export CZECH rep.
 Gentle Rain by Luanda

- Slovakia
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On photo mr light blue - Geronimo by Luanda
Na fotke bledo-modrý psík - Geronimo by Luanda
Viac photo G teamu TU. More Photos of G team HERE !
02 mr ligth blue 1

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Our "G" team -  5wks old photos
SHOW qual. boys AVAILABLE! - Máme voľných štandard psíkov!

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5 wks old G- team - socialization with my girls / on video Sophie - 3years old/  

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Some of PUPPIES AVAILABLE ! Niektoré šteniatka máme ešte nezadané.


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Our  "G"orgeous puppies 4 1/2wks old were first time outside enjoying the sun :) Lots of photos here!
Naši G-čkové šteniatka ako 4 a pol týždňové -boli prvý krát vonku a tešili sa zo slniečka! Foto TU!
Some of PUPPIES AVAILABLE! for more info contact me: Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebujete mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.
Niketoré šteniatka máme ešte voľné! - pre viac info ma kontaktujte mailom, alebo telefonicky.

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