G - team 3weeks photos

Our puppies grew so fast last week...
they started to learn to do their "poo" and "pee" on the other part of puppy box where is the paper, so we believe they will have a good habits ;)
New photos in gallery ! Show qual. puppies available, also pet girl.
Posledný týždeň šteniatka veľmi rýchlo podrástli a začali sa učiť robiť svoju potrebu na mieste vystlanom s papierom a celkom im to ide :)
Nové fotečky v galérii ! Máme voľné štandarné šteniatka a jedno neštandardné dievčatko !

Feeding time - G litter - videos

Feeding time in 2variations :)

Our puppies 2nd week of life

Our little ones are 2 weeks older... they opened eyes this week, started to hear, they were dewormed and has cutted nails, and yesterday they had very first puppy meal :)
Naše miminka majú 2týždňe za sebou - otvorili očká, začali počuť, boli pop prvý krát odčervené a ostrihali sme nechtíky, a včera skúsili ich prvé šteniatkovské jedlo z misky :)
We have AVAILABLE show quality BOYS and GIRL 1show qual. + pet. quality.
Máme ešte voľné niektoré šteniatka !
Photos of theirs 2weeks life here :) - fotečky tu!!!

Lexi & A-litter - 7years old!

Today our wonderful and cleverest girl Lexi celebrates her 7 years of life!
We wish many more happy days, and lots of health to you and of course to your siblings from A-litter !

lexi 7

Happy Birthday Alitter 7

G-team 14days old -video


Nallah on his way to England !

Today I hugged and kissed my little boy Nallah for the last time :/ ....
*Fadil Nallah by Luanda* the stunning show quality boy of our F-litter -" mr. dark blue*
He is now on the way to his new wonderful home at Great Britain...
Hope you will be happy my sweet little boy - it is too hard to let 4months old puppy go.....
More photos of his last weeks at our place HERE !

00 IMG 9628

G- team 12 days old -video


G- team- 1st week photos

Our 11 G- babies start their 1st week of life - enjoy some photos here ;)

G-team 1st week old - video

smallest babies of our Gourgeous 11 having their extra time at milk bar :)
- you can hear ms pink "singing" while she eats :))
Najmenší z nášho G -teamu majú vyhradený extra čas pri "mliečnom bare" :).
- na videu je počuť ms "ružovú" :)))

G-litter -1st week photos

Here comes some new photos of our gorgeous red wheaten 11 :)

G-litter team introducing

For more detailed photos of our red-wheaten beautiful 11- click here :) :
intro web

Day 2 - greetings from puppy box - G-litter

Lexi the wonderful mom  <3

03.03.2015 HAPPY Birthday "Kami" !

5 years ago we welcomed to the world the ONLY ONE - special puppy girl from Artifical Insemination /Ani x Akala/
kami 5years old
Bellissima Nell by Luanda - KAMI - export CZ, know also as IRON Dog and sporty girl :)
kami 5
Thanks to her wonderful family for such a wonderful home you gave her !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEATHEART !!!

02.03.2015 - G - team is HERE !!!

After a long night without sleeping we welcomed to our home the wonderful 11 G-team :)
Lexi gave birth to 11 puppies: 7boys 4girls. 4puppies around 400gr, and other 7 puppies over 500gr.. thats why she had such a big belly!
All Puppies are with ridges, all boys in standard - show qual. - 1 girl standard show qual., 1 girl - multicrowns, and 2girls slightly kinked tail.
No DS fount at the moment.

Po prebdenej dlhej noci naša Lexinka priviedla na svet krásnu futbalovú 11-stku!
7chlapcov a 4dievčatká - 4šteniatka cca 400gr a ďalšie sa pohybovali s váhou okolo 500gr, preto mala Lexi také veľké "balenie" :).
Všetky šteniatka sú s ridgmi, všetci chlapci štandard, dievčatká: 1štandard, 1multikorunky a 2 majú jemné zálomky.
DS nenájdený.

28.02.-01.03.2015 - 2xCACIB Nitra

After a long pause of showing, me and our 3months old baby "Fatal Beauty by Luanda" - WINNIE came back to a puppy class and both days did wonderful job!
28.02.2015 -minor puppy class- Very promissing 1 /4 judge: Piskay V. - BEST in GROUP 3 - judge: Jílková Zdenka
01.03.2015 -minor puppy class- Very promissing 1/ 3 judge: Václavík
00 nr w3