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RIP our beloved RUSTY ... :´(

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On last September days I recieved a message from Joyce /Netherland - that our beloved boy "Rusty" - Akeron Great DeJaVu Luanda
had a heavy operation on his milt due tumors... Rusty was brave and tried to stayed with his mam Joyce and daddy Martjin who kept me informed how Rusty was ...
and even there was some improvement, sudennly in 5minutes all went wrong and our Rusty passed away on 28.09.2016 - 16:50.
Another dark day ... another beloved special ridgie has passed.... I am very sorry....  I know he had an amazing life together with Joyce & Martjin and I am so thankfull they loved him and did their best for him to his last minute..... RIP sweatheart run over the rainbowbridge with all our beloved .......