03-04.2016 Club Shows CKRR -Orlík/ CZ

Together with our friends we spent a very lovely weekend at Czech Club shows - Orlík /CZ.
04.09.2016 judge: Vanessa Moyano /ESP
03.09.2016 judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo /ESP

Ch - Dreamed Yman by Luanda - champion class
img 0503
1 x excellent, 1x excellent 3,
BEST RIDGE: 2nd place

Follow my Heart by Luanda - intermediate class
img 0376
2 x excellent,
BEST MOVEMENT: 1st place

Our sweet Evening Star of Luanda - had an injury on her toe, and limped, so she was not judged.
More photos from this show weekend HERE !

Cubi is EUROPEAN Junior WINNER 2016 !!!

On Friday 26.August 2016 I was lucky to fly to Brussel Eurodogshow to see some beautiful ridgies at that show.
I knew, that I should see our puppy boy from G-litter Cubi in the show ring, but I did not count he finish in the best way he could :) !!!
Got the Soul by Luanda
- *Cubi* /Lexi x Elvis/ has won a strong junior class at Eurodogshow Brussel 2016
and I was lucky to be there at that moment ! It was an amazing day for me :) !!!
cubi EDS
European Juniorwinner

Best Junior of Breed
Benelux Juniorwinner
3 rd place in Best Juniors of Group 6 out of 16 Breeds
handler: Anastasia Kharitonova

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21.08.2016 Bratislava CACIB show

21.08.2016 - IDS Bratislava/SK -judge Ludmila Fintorova /SK .
My lovely *Dreamed Yman by Luanda* /liver/ has compeeted in a very strong champion class and finished Excellent 2 res CAC /she was the oldest RR girl this day there - 5 1/2years old/ - judge loved her type and movement and said that Yman was shinning in the ring between others... :)
And her beautiful daughter *Follow my Heart by Luanda* - in intermediate class - Excellent 2 res CAC !!!

00 Ymi BA 08 2016 00 Elis BA 08 2016
Thanks to my dear Leona Marie & Boris Gabriel for all help and hospitality as there was really strong wind and so much rain....

RIP dear Sarka .... :/ ...

On 17.August I had a very sad phone call from a dear owner of A Crystal Spirit by Luanda - Sarka.
She had passed away due to cancer ... RIP sweatheart we never forget .....
sarka RIP

Champion of RUSSIA - Got the Soul by Luanda

Our wonderful boy from G-litter /LexixELvis/ Got the Soul by Luanda - has finished new championships:
* Junior Champion of Russia * Champion of Russia * Champion of RKF * Champion of Oankoo
cubi ch RUS

02-03.07.2016 - Dogfestival Velka Ida/SK - Follow my Heart by Luanda

Follow my Heart by Luanda / Yman x Azizi /
03.07.2016 - CACIB Veľká Ida - judge: Ing: Jursa J. - interm. class. Excellent 1 CAC
02.07.2016 - CAC- Veľká Ida - judge Jan Ryk/ PL - interm. class Excellent 4
02.07.2016 elis3
Elis owners send me nice message - she won for Winnie .... THANK you so much my dear friends ....

02.07.2016- RRWC dog show in Denmark - Empress Zoe by Luanda

ESTW-15 BISS-14 NORDV-14 KBHV-13 HeJW-13 NJW-13 JW-13 V-13 C.i.b NORDUCh EECH NOUCH SEVCh Empress Zoe by Luanda / Lexi x Eddie - from our E-litter/ 
finished 3rd in Championclass at 2016 RRWC dog show in Denmark
After maternity this baby girl still makes amazing job in show rings... thank you dear Tina and Marianne....
zoe 02.07.2016

02.07.2016 Dogshow - Club DZRR - Got the Soul by Luanda

02.07.2016 - Dogshow Neresheim - Club DZRR

Judge: Mrs. Gerda Kastl
Got the Soul by Luanda- Cubi
( Int.Multi Ch Kadamo it's Now or Never x Int. Multi Ch Alexis Femme Fatale Luanda)
Intermediate Class: Excellent 1, CAC VDH
cubi 02.07.2016
Puppies from us still makes me very proud ! - Thanks to dear owners.

: ´((((((( my Winnie is gone........ 13.11.2014 - 17.06.2016

My heart is bleeding and eyes can´t stop crying last days, and while I write this few words....
17.06.2016 evening ....the blackest Friday of my life ...... we accidently lost my small baby *Winnie* just in her 19 months :´(((
(17.06.2016 car accident)
.....all our family is very deeply missing her in every step, in every activity at home and her mam Yman is still searching after her.....  I have no more strenght to write more......
winnie17.06.2016 copy

Got the Soul by Luanda -Cubi -JCH DZRR

cubi jun2016
Our lovely boy from G-litter Got the Soul by LUANDA as one of no many has finished the prestigious title by winning in junior class at shows:
- Kassel Junior BOB /13 entry - junior class
- Offenburg Junior BOB / 11 entry - junior class
- Dortmund BOB / 100 entered RR
and has finished his new title JUNIOR CHAMPION of DZRR !
I am very proud of our boy !
Thanks to dear owners Markus and Silke !

Puppy plans for 2017

Unfortunatelly this year we will not have puppies, although we did planned, the nature had the last word and Yman start her session late - exactly 2days before we leaved for 3weeks holiday.So our puppy plans with Yman & Farey we have for Spring 2017 !
On this advertising poster we have all our girls who enjoys their lives with us! Ani -our queen -liver 11 years, her daughter Lexi -black nose -8years old today, and stacked - Yman - liver nose - 5years old + Winnie /18 months old/ daughter of Yman.
Luanda present katalog rgb

22.05.2016 - Club show SKCHR

I was very pleassed to spent last weekend with our lovely RR owners of our puppies - one also with our very special baby from A-litter - today 8years old:
A Crystal Spirit by Luanda - in veteran class - Excellent 1 CAC
Fatal Beauty by Luanda - Excellent 2 res CAC - intermediate class
Follow my Heart by Luanda - Excellent 2 res CAC - BEST HEAD of SKCHR -adult female
Flash of Light by Luanda - our boy who entered pet class - Pet class WINNER! - BEST RIDGE SKCHR !!!
Evening Star of Luanda - Excellent in champion class & BEST RIDGE - 2nd place
Caramel Roxy ba Luanda - Excellent 4 in open class
BEST BREDERS GROUP - 2nd place !!!
Thanks so much my der owners! I enjoyed so much time with you ! MORE PHOTOS in our PHOTOGALLERY -just click here :) !

Fatal Beauty by Luanda - Excellent 2 res CAC, res Club CACIMG 3954
A Crystal Spirit by Luanda - 8years old in the middle - with her lovely loving family.
IMG 4131 w
LUANDA breeders group - 2nd place !
00 IMG 4395

Winnie - Champion of Hungary !!!

14-15-16. May 2016
Me & Winnie *Fatal Beauty by Luanda* together with our friend Lea and her girl Elis *Follow my Heart by Luanda*
spent a lovely time at 3 x CACIB Szilvasvarad in Hungary.
Winnie won all 3days internmediate class under the judges M.Riady IDN , Erdos Laszlo/ HU, M.A.Martinéz ARG
3x Excellent 1 CAC + 1 x res CACIB
00 1w IMG 3860

Follow my Heart by Luanda - 1 x Excellent 2 res CAC, 2 x 3th place from open class
00 1w IMG 3842

Amazing show weekend for Winnie, Zarka, Cubi & Woody !

07-08.MAY 2016 - wonderful show results for Winnie /SK, Zara /SK, Cubi /Germany & Woody/ United Kingdom !!!
00w winnie lucenec
Fatal Beauty by Luanda
CAC Lučenec, judge: Željko Lozic/ SRB - Excelent 2res CAC
CACIB Lučenec, judge: Grzegorz Weron/ PL - Excellent 1CAC, CACIB, BOS

Evening Star of Luanda

CAC Lučenec, judge: Željko Lozic/ SRB - Excelent 1CAC
CACIB Lučenec, judge: Grzegorz Weron/ PL - Excellent 1 CAC
finished her title CHAMPION of SLOVAKIA

07.05.2016 CACIB Dortmund -VDH /Germany:
Got the Soul by Luanda - Excellent 1 JCAC VDH, Best Junior and Best of Breed !!!

08.05.2016 Birmingham National 2016 /United Kingdom, Judge Mrs A E Macdonald-DOGS
Fadil Nallah by Luanda for Tukela - 2nd Best Junior

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Official x-ray results for Cubi & Elis

I had recieved wonderful news about the health oficial x-ray results of puppies from our F & G-litter

Got the Soul by Luanda: HD, ED, OCD - FREE !!!
Follow my Heart by Luanda: HD, ED, OCD - FREE !!! LTV: neg, L8, spondylossis - neg

Lexi and her siblings - 8years old today !

Happy Birthday my beloved special Leximini heart & siblingsmini heart from our A-litter !  / Ani x Lex /
They are 8 years old today ! OMG already a veterans...it is just like few months ago I holded them in my arms... mini heart
I wish you many happy days with your wonderful families! And lots of yami bowls... ;) time went so fast....
lexi 8yo
luanda a litter 8

12.03.2016 CACIB Offenburg -Cubi won again !

12.03.2016 International Dog Show Offenburg
Got the Soul by Luanda / Lexi x Elvis /
cubi 13.03.2016 CAJC
Judge: Mrs. Karin van Klaveren, 7 entries
Exc. 1 JCAC VDH, JCAC DZRR, Alps Juniorwinner, Ortenau Juniorwinner
As icing on the cake he won also BEST JUNIOR OF BREED ❤ !!!
Thanks for wonderful handling to Anetka Ehrenbergerová /CZ.

Bellissima Nell by Luanda -Kami - 6y.o. today !

03.March. 2010 we welcomed to the world the very special ONLY ONE puppy girl from Artifical Insemination (Ani x Akala) !
This beautiful baby from our B-litter enjoyes her life in CZ with her wonderful owners!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Kami" Bellissima Nell by Luanda  - 6 years old today !
kami 6yo
We wish to Kami - many more happy years and lots of health ! Hugs and kisses !!!

Our G team is 1 year old today !

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beloved sweethearts from G-litter / Lexi x Elvis/
G team 1year old
I am so thankful for all lovely owners you have ! May your lives are happy and healthy with your loving families!