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All babies from our H-team are in loving families

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I can say with pleasure, that all our babies from F-team are having the best families I could wished for them !
Thank you all my dears new owners! I am so happy having you in our LUANDA family :) !

This is a story that is touching me... all started almost 10 years ago so unexpectedly... with our lovely liver boy from A-litter - "RUSTY" *Akeron Great DeJaVu Luanda* ...
after he passed away the owners of Rusty feeled they would be happy to have another liver.....
here is the story..... thanks so much Joyce and Martjin mini heartmini heart
photo taken September 2015 -at Orlik/CZ - the liver boy is the one and only - our mini heartRUSTYmini heart
A special story /written by Joyce /NL -the owner of our special liver girl from H-litter:

September 2008/Clubshow Orlik (CZ): The first time I saw Hilvalley's Angel for Luanda (Ani). I was in love, and untill today she is the most beautiful ridgeback for me. And I wished to have a puppy of this girl in the future.
February 2009: Totally unexpected Akeron Great DeJa-Vu Luanda (Rusty), came in to our lives, when he was 11 months. Rusty was a one of a kind dog. Rusty has been with us for 7,5 years.
September 2016: After Rusty died I started to think, and deceided to look if I could have the pedigree of his mom Ani back (and also a litlle bit of that special boy I had).
Rusty's breeder Milada planned a litter with her beautifull Dreamed Yman by Luanda. Yman is a halfsister of Rusty and a daugther of Ani. I loved the combination.
April 2017: 4 puppies were born. 2 boys and 2 girls. 1 of the girls is livernose, the three other puppies have a black nose.
And we did not specially planned black or liver, but it is more special to me, this whole story is about livernose now :-)
July 2017: Our pack is complete again with Heavens Red Angel by Luanda.
We call her Ani, after her grandmom Ani, the girl who started this story.

Thank you Milada, for giving us this oppurtunity to have this little girl in our life
img 1103
Ani -4weeks old- cuddling with Joyce - May 2017
img 1135
grandmam Ani - 12-1/2years old + Joyce
img 1078
Joyce & Martjin with our H-team