Nessy+Ozzy at their 1st show Elis - Grand Ch of SK - 2xCACIB BA

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We participated 2 x CACIB Bratislava/SK - 19-20.08.2017
LUANDA team rocked the ring !!!
Hot´n Wild by Luanda *Ozzy* - 2 x Very promissing 1
Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda *Nessy* - Very promissing 1 & Very promissing 2
and we are very happy and proud that our amazing Follow my Heart by Luanda *Elis*- won champion class with Excellent 1 CAC, res CACIB + Excellend 2 res CAC the other day,
and fullfilled contitions for the tile GRANDCHAMPION of SLOVAKIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nessy very promissing1 4months old 0 ozzy cacib ba 2x cacib ba follow my heart by luanda
Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda Hot´n Wild by Luanda Follow my Heart by Luamda

mini heartThanks my dear friends/owners of our puppies Lea+Boris+Michal for lovely heart ... some more photos in gallery