05-06.2022 Duo CACIB Brno Just Like a Dream of Luanda - winner !

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Absolutely amazing, unforgetable dog show weekend behind
EJW ´21, JCh - JUST LIKE A DREAM OF LUANDA "Daisy" - our 12 months old girl in junior class at Duo CACIB Brno 05-06.02.2022 - RR entry 100 each day.
05.02.2022 judge: Mr -Jursa Jozef (SK)
Excellent 1 CAJCBest of Junior,, Best in Junior Group 6FCI
06.02.2022 - judge: Mrs -Dvořáková Viera (CZ)
Excellent 1 CAJC, Best of Junior
and in BIS show ring - continued in juniors and adults groups !
BEST in JUNIOR GROUP 6 FCI - judge: Mr. Tamás Jakkel (HU)
BEST in GROUP 6 FCI judge: Mrs -Dvořáková Viera (CZ)
Daisy Brno06 07.02.2022
Thanks to our lovely Slovakian team for nice companion and help, and to Dominika Szásová for photo from the show ring ! I will never forget this super show weekend

the topies from Brno :)
Daisy Brno06 07.02.2022 2