LUANDA Rhodesian Ridgebacks   since 2002

4years ago we had a very bussy Christmas time !
Our C-litter came to the world!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear puppies !!! Lots of love, health and happy days with your wonderful families !!!
c-litter-Happy-birthday-4yrs copy

Merry Christmas to all our friends and visitors ! Šťastné Vianoce všetkým !!!
luanda web

We had a Christmas photoshooting with our puppies -they are already 6weeks old - to see more photos click here :) !
Mali sme Vianočné fotenie s našimi už 6týždňovými šteniatkami. Viac foto TU!

Our F-team start to learn many more things, and for the first time we were outside:)  ... have a look at our 5weeks old photogallery :) .
Naučili sme sa veľa novźcg vecí a prvý krát sme boli aj vonku :) - viď - fotogaléria 5týždeň .

we are growing very fast :)
rastieme veľmi rýchlo :)


Our babies in stacked positions + portraits + ridges - AVAILABLE show Quality puppies!
Thanks to my dear friend Michaela Reitschmiedova - who helped me to do photos of our babies <3
Naše šteniatka v postoji + portréty + ridge! Máme voľné šteniatka - píšte, volajte 0907 44 77 87!
Ďakujem mojej drahej priateľke Miške Reitschmiedovej, ktorá mi moc pomohla pri tomto fotení <3.

our babies are already a "miniature ridgebacks" ;)

we are 3weeks old, we started to play together :)
More photos of 3wks old babies here ... some of puppies AVAILABLE.

Máme 3týždne. V puppy boxe okrem jedenia už pobehujeme a začíname sa navzájom okusavať a hrať spolu :).
Máme voľné šteniatka !!!
Viac foto z 3týždňov našich mimi nájdete tu:
00-IMG 2228-FB

day 18 - we are triing to walk, bark, and all of us have eyes opened .... a big progress ;)

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We are 2weeks old - all of us were for the first time dewormed.
We have open eyes, and we try to walk ... other things we do, is sleeping and we are still bussy at the milk bar ;)
more photos of 2nd week is here

Empress Zoe by Luanda Nordic winner, Norwegian Champion, BOS and CACIB.
Handled by her proud owner Marianne :)

Our darling Yman at the 60day of the pregnancy started the delivery of our F-team at the lunch time...
She brought to the world very easily 9 gorgeous puppies, 4boys and 5girls.
All puppies have correct ridges, minimum white, all correct expect one boy with a small kinked tail.
00w-IMG 0777
We are extremly happy and over the moon! What a mom is our Yman! What an amazing litter she brought to the world!,  Thank you my beloved girl!

a smal video of our F - team at the "milk bar" is here :)

One year ago - we had a very hard evening, we did a very hard decission to let our darling "Lady" Denny Saranga go.... 

and it is already 10 years ago, when we lost our sweet "Becky" Ain´t she Beautiful Nyathi....
My dear girls I never forget, I still love you and I still miss you so much !!!

Expected F-litter
Day 59 - waist 77cm, belly 90cm
00fb-IMG 0073

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My dear friends / puppy owners, thank you all so much for presentation at EDS! I am so happy and proud of you all I.Kozicova &co. V. Vodzinsky & co. & Michaela Reitschnmiedova !
Awesome Enzo by Luanda - Excellent
Diego el Primo by Luanda - not judged due to his injured leg /he was limping...
Dreamed Yman by Luanda - did not entered due pregnancy - but I was there anyway ;)
Evening Star of Luanda - Excellent

Our amazing E-litter girls roocked show European rings again !

Evening Star of Luanda "Zara" - 2 x Excekkent 1 + 2 x CAC - at 2 x CACIB Komarom 11-12.10.2014 / Hungary !!!

Escape to Hear by Luanda "Sunny" - 1 EXC CAC CACIB BOS / 11-10-2014 International dog show Bastia Umbra/ Italy !!!

Empress Zoe By Luanda " Zoe"  - cofirmed NORD UCH !!!

Did I tell you I am proud of you my dears ;) ? Thank you so much !!!