LUANDA Rhodesian Ridgebacks   since 2002

B - litter 2010

LUANDA B-litter

Born: * 03.March. 2010
from AI with frozen semen:
1 girl -black nose, No- DS, No kinked tail, minimum white, Ridge - 3crowns

Bellissima Nell by Luanda -photogallery HERE

BISS, European Winner 08, ICh, Multi Ch
Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda "ANI"
viac o Ani TU -home page
American & Canadian Champion
check also Akala -home page

* 16.09.2005
complette scissors bite, full dentity
shiny red wheaten colour, liver nose
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD: neg/neg
Height: 66-67 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Thyroid - T3+T4+TSH+TGaa - negative

International Champion
European Winner 2008
BISS - Specialty Winner CKRR 2007
Champion of Slovakia, Hungary, Czech rep.
Grand Champion CZ, SK
Show Champion HU
Multiple Club Winner
Multiple BOS, BOB, CACIB, CAC winner
Club Champion SKCHR, CKRR
National Winner 2007 , 2008
Top Bitch 2007, 2008 SKCHR

* 10.05.2005
complette scissors bite, full dentity,red wheaten, nice dark eyes
Health info:
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0;
Cardiac - normal cardiologist - clear
Thyroid tested- clear
DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY (DNA) - negative = DM: n/n normal
OFA info TU.
Height: 26.5" = 67 cm (1inch = 2,54cm)
Weight: 85 lbs / 39 kg (1 libra = 0,454 kg)

Another comments from Canadian breeders:

  1. Exemplary temperament
  2. DM clear or n/n
  3. Correct size
  4. Beautiful head
  5. Smooth neck insertion
  6. Correct shoulder layback with pleasing return of upper arm
  7. Solid top line
  8. Beautiful depth of chest with ample run of rib
  9. Lovely tight feet
  10. Correct bone to body balance
  11. Pleasing rear angles

Thornberry Akala info

Akala is a beautifully built dog, medium size at 67cm, which is not usual in the US where many wonderful show dogs are over 69cm. At such a perfect size, he has elegance, an amazing front and depth of his chest, perfect angulations in the front as well as the rear, which is complimented with a wonderfully strong top-line. Akala has a lovely head with nice round dark eyes, strong jaw line, and a full set of teeth.

As I was researching Akala, I grew more and more fond of him, and I knew that he was a perfect match for my livernose girl Ani. There was not a lot of information readily available online. I would like to thank Akala's breeder/owner Gayle and Akala's handler Kris Nielsen for all of their help and willingness to share the details of Akala's life and background.

In this litter we anticipate to see puppies that will have wonderful substance, amazing fronts, strong top-lines, nice angulations and friendly character. We also expect to see some livernose puppies. I believe that Akala's bloodlines will make this breeding very special, and that the puppies will help us improve many ridgebacks in the EU.
Here are some breeders' comments about Akala :

Breeders comments about Akala:
Akala has great side go, drop dead free stack and very prestigious wins under breeder-judges including his class win at the US Nationals in 2006 under Tahari's Frank DePaulo .

About Akalas character-he has always been a dog that loves people and thinks he is a "lap dog". He socializes well with other dogs but he does protect his property especially with other intact males.

Akala when he is really happy, does smile, and that is really funny. He is a very happy dog--his tail is ALWAYS wagging!! He absolutely adores Kris (Hrudys owner). Kris just has to look at him and he does what she wants. He loves to run but never goes too far--he always comes back to check that everything is OK. He really is a great companion to have.

He finished his Canadian championship in 3 shows--7 points in his first show, and 4 points in his third show-- 10 points are needed for a Canadian championship and he finished his U.S. championship in 5 shows with 4 major wins--1- 5 point major, 2- 4 point majors, and 1-3 point major--for a total of 16 points--15 points is need for a championship.
Most judges are impressed with him because he won under different judges all the time--which they need to--to get their championships. He also has his CGN (Canadian good neighbour) which is a test the dogs go through with lots of people , animals, shopping carts, wheel chairs, loud noises around for about 15 minutes. Also, you have to leave him with a stranger for 4 minutes. It shows that he is trainable and has confidence.
Akala did all these tests with ease.

Akala cares the gene for liver noses babys- in each litter he produced a livernosed baby
Litters statistics:
1.vrh - January 2009
2.vrh - Jún 2009
3.vrh - September 2009
Akalas first litter 4 girls--1 liver nose
2 boys--1 kinked tail All have show ridges
5 girls--1 with extra crowns
8 boys All have show ridges
3 girls--1 liver nose
9 boys-1 with extra crowns

Akala free stuck

Akala at the show

Akala movement / summertime 2009 - very "hot" day/

Akala at the beach

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