LUANDA Rhodesian Ridgebacks   since 2002

LUANDA E-litter DOB: 21.09.2012
10beautiful red wheaten puppies, 7 girls (2 livers), 3 boys (2 livers)
All with RIDGES, 1black nosed girl has in the ridge more crowns
No DS or kinked tails, all puppies big and healthy!

Names of puppies and what country they will live in:

mr BLUE Edge Remington of Luanda export LATVIA
mr ORANGE Equinox WTG by Luanda/liver export SWEDEN
mr GREEN Empire Lennox of Luanda/liver export GERMANY
ms RED Ekundu Uzuri of Luanda/liver export GERMANY
ms YELLOW Ecume des Jours of Luanda/liver export FRANCE
ms BLUE East Rain by Luanda SLOVAKIA
ms PINK Evening Star of Luanda SLOVAKIA
ms GREEN Escape to Heart by Luanda export ITALY
ms LILLA Empress Zoë by Luanda export SWEDEN
ms WHITE Elly Nelly of Luanda SLOVAKIA



parents to be

photo © Monika Pehr
ICh, Grand Ch, Multi Champion, Multi Winner, Club Winner, Multi JCh
Alexis Femme Fatale Luanda "LEXI"
more about Lexi HERE-home page
BISS, German Champion, Multi Winner
Mocca de Chasse Gando "EDDI"
-home page

* 18.03.2008
complette scissors bite, full dentity
red wheaten colour,
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD: neg/neg
Height: 62-63 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Thyroid - T3+T4+TSH+TGaa - negative
Lexi comes from our very quality A-litter
and is very proud mam to our wonderful C-litter

* 20.04.2006
complette scissors bite, full dentity
shiny red wheaten colour,
posibly gene for liver nose
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, OCD: neg/neg
Height: 67 cm
Thyroid - T3+T4+TSH+TGaa - negative

Mocca de Chasse Gando

Mocca de Chasse Gando - EDDI -is very elegant builded medium sized male, who with his constitution remains me a bit of Ani.
He has wonderful top-line, nice angulation - front and rear, beautiful deep chest and this all together in one form,
makes that this dog has wonderful ground covering movement.
What was very important for me to find a sutable male for Lexi was the temperament, and Eddi is very friendly and happy boy.
He comes from a litter of 9 pupps -6standard, 3ridgelles, no DS, no kinks orother faults.
His siblings are also medium sized ridgebacks.

Eddi had 2 litters : 20 puppies - 19 "show quality" only 1 kink, ALL with CORRECT RIDGES, without extra WHITE or other faults.
Lexi has a litter of 12 pupps all with RIDGES 24.12.012 - more info HERE!

Here comes video of Eddi in movement:

Thanks so much Kathleen & Waldemarovi, they make this video for me ;)

From this combination I expect very elegant puppies, with wonderful movement,
beautiful top-line, and very friendly character.
Eddiś pedigree contains livernose lines from Australia after -VISHALA Inkosi
and from Afrika GLOBE'S Roving Red Regent
so there is a high possibility of livernosed babys.

more videos of Eddi /in stuck, free movement etc./:

Eddi at the watter.

more about Eddi by his owners:
" Eddie is a wonderful sporting representative of his race. He is a medium sized dog with a sporty masculine appearance. He has an expressive head, a straight back, an excellent depth of chest and has excellent angulation. Eddi is balanced and calm at home, but also very vigilant. Strangers, he is only beginning to register as soon as he has signed someone in his heart he is a great cuddly friend. Eddie is an active dog, walking a lot and loves the bike to run. No matter where you are with him, he falls on positive. Also in the city center or in the restaurant, Eddie knows how to behave. Eddie is a little clown, you just have like to have him."

...what the judges says about Eddi? -some judgements bellow:

May 2010
Judge: Ethuis-Franke, Eisenach Open Class Exc 1
4 years old, harmoniously constructed beautifully muscled dog, nice masculine head, good bite, well placed ears, beautiful neck and topline, good croup, well-placed tail, angled beautiful, beautiful underline, prima Ridge, great paws, room filling gait, feet forward turn slightly inward, great presentation, great nature

March 2010
Judge: Dr. Schock, Kevelaer Open Class Exc 3
4 years dark red wheaten colored strong male, strong head according to the body, with correct ears, powerful jaws, dry well attached neck, very well muscled shoulders, excellent fore chest, excellent bone strength, very good back length correct broad Ridge, exquisitely angled hindquarters, correct tail seat - and attitude, strong rear drive, fluid movement, balanced temperament

November 2009
Judge: Mrs. Clerc, Annaberg Buchholz Open Class Exc
not a big dog, harmoniously built and strong, typical head and expression, tight topline with Ridge, correct front and rear, ground covering movement

July 2009
Judge: Hübenthal, Bad Wildungen Open Class Exc 2
Beautiful in type, should not be stronger, very beautiful head, good neck and topline, harmonious buildings, good angulation, adequate step length behind, correct Ridge

elegance, form function

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