LUANDA Rhodesian Ridgebacks   since 2002
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Born 10.04.2017 - 4puppies: 2boys -black nosed /2girls-1black nosed, 1livernose
All ridged, No DS detected, No kinked tail, white marks in standard
Info about the parents + pedigree + more links to photos and videos.

1st BORN puppy: boy -mr BLUE - time of the Birth: 14:42 - weight 500gr
mr blue

2nd BORN puppy: boy -mr GREEN - time of the Birth: 15:40 - weight 480gr
mr green

3rd BORN puppy: girl -ms Yellow - time of the Birth: 18:06 - weight 520gr
ms yellow

4th BORN puppy: girl -ms Red - time of the Birth: 20:15 - weight 580gr
ms red

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08.04.2017 - day 60 -still in one pack
60 day 1

60 day 2 60 day 3

07.04.2017 - day 59: the size of belly and weist is the same as in previous measuring.
day 59 1

day 59 2 day 59 3 day 59 4

04.04.2017 - day 56: waist - 76cm, belly - 86cm

54 day

29.03.2017 - day 48: waist- 71cm, belly- 79cm

26.03.2017 - day 45 - waist: 69cm, belly 79,5cm
45day 1
Today sunbathing with mam Ani
45day 245day 3

21.03.2017 - day 40 - waist: 68cm, belly 79,5cm
40 day 1
40day 2

17.03.2017 - day 36 -waist: 68cm, belly 74cm
00 IMG 9517w
13.03.2017 - day 32 - from front and side... there is something in belly for sure :)
32 1w
32 2

12.03.2017 - relaxing Sunday with mam Ani - 11 1/2years old and half sister Lexi 9years old mini heart
00 IMG 8650w
10.03.2017 - day 29 - pregnancy confirmed by USG - second time :)
March 2017 ymi pregnant
sono 10.03.2017

1st time on USG ... we sow few puppies - so pregnancy confirmed :)
sono 03.03.2017

Yman in normal shape :)
ymi JME clear w

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Pedigree H -litter: Jelany Red Djimbo Farey x Dreamed Yman by Luanda /liver/

Junior World Winner
Internatinal Ch, Multi Ch, Multi BISS, Multi Winner
Jelany Red Djimbo Farey

Date of Birth: 26-05-2012
Height: 70 cm, Weight: 46 kg
Correct complete scissors bite
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, OCD:0/0, LTV -free

DM tested: -N/N no carrier
Thyroid tested - clear
Liver gene carrier B/b
Blue gene /D-locus: D/D -no carrier
JME -N/N - no carrier
Hemphylia (facor IX) - no carrier
Brucela canis -negative
CRUFTS Winner, INT CH, Multi Ch
Villagedogs Hot Topic
complete scissor bite 
weight:39кg height:68cм Liver gene carrier B/b
HD – A/A, ED – 0/0
DM:N/N no carrier
Very nice friendly character
FCI EU Winner 2007
VDH EU Winner
Champion of 18 countries
IKIMBA Waitimu
68cm, HD:0/0, ED:0/0, OCD:neg
Complete scissors bite
Caprivi Cool Hand Luke

CDX ADX ET JD ROM /Australia/
FIN CH Ikimba Sambamba
 CH Belgium CH Netherlands   INT CH. & CH. (BEL, NED)
Ukukhanya Midsummer-night's Dream /import USA
HD:0/0, ED:0/0
Complete scissors bite
DM:N/N, thyroid: clear
Liver gene carrier B/b
 CH Globe’s Mi-Tea Scout’s Honor /USA/
HD:0/0, ED:0/0
Ukukhanya’s Amazibulo /USA/
HD:0/0, ED:0/0
Junior World Winner 2010
World Winner 2013
ICH, Multi Ch, Multi Winner
Aresvuma Olana Red

complete scissor bite 
weight:35кg height:66cм
HD – A/A, ED – 0/0
Temperament test - 1st grade
General training test - 1st
Grade Blood tracking test - 3nd grade
DM:N/N no carrier
ICh, Grand Rus Ch, Multi Ch & winnner
Heshima Ya Kimba Fuku Shabalala
/import JAR/
HD-A, ED (free)
character test: 1 (T-1)
 Thau Gawie of Nullgai   

Belgian Junior Club Winner 2001,
Winner Thueringen 2001, Winner Baden-Wuerttemberg 2001
HesHDhima ya Kimba Chakanyuka /JAR/
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, full dentity
Liver gene carrier B/b

Multi Grand Ch, Multi Ch
Multi Winner RUS
Vizara Iringa Aresvuma imp.Netherland
HD:A/A, 64cm

INT, Ch:A, ESP, IT, DE, DE, Mont,
/France/ HD:0/0


imp.Netherland, HD:0/0

Champion SK
Club champion CKRR, Club Winner
Multi Best movement, BEST ridge winner
Dreamed Yman by Luanda
Date of Birth: 01-01-2011

Height: 63 cm, Weight: 32 kg
Correct complete scissors bite
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, OCD:0/0, LTV -free
spondylosis: clear

DM tested: N/N-no carrier
JME -N/N - no carrier
Thyroid tested - clear
Champion Canada & USA
Thornberry Akala
*10.05.2005 /Canada
Liver gene carrier B/b
complete scissor bite 
weight: 39 кg
height: 67 cм
HD – A/A, ED – 0/0 , OCD: neg/neg
Temperament tested
Brucela canis -negative
DM:N/N no carrier
Soba N Vanfax Rooirhuudi /Canada/
HD:0/0, ED:0/0
full dentity
Champ USA /USA/
Ridgelea´s Shakar Viken
Champion Canada
Vanfax Jakoeek Soba Kikkikando
Kairajau Asha
HD:0/0, ED:0/0
full dnetity
Eagle Valley Warrior /USA/
Shak´s Select Maghongy /USA/
INT Ch, EW, BISS, Multi Ch, Multi Grand Ch, Multi Winner
Halley´s Angel for Luanda
complete scissor bite 
weight: 37 кg height: 66 cм livernose
HD:A/A, ED:0/0 , OCD: neg/neg
no reaction to gun
Cheyenne of Ka-Ul-Li´s Ridges
HD:0/0, ED:0/0
full dentity
BISS DK, Ch /import USA/
Kwetu Xoxa in Denmark
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, full dentity
 ICh, Champ SK,CZ, A, HU,
Ctoret Beni´s Ridges
/import IZRAEL /
Liver gene carrier B/b
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, full dentity, 64cm
European W,Champ DE
Ozrhode Wild Inspiration /imp. Australia/
Liver gene carrier B/b
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, OCD, neg. full dentity
Multi BISS Australia
Ch Ozrhode Dia Jungle Blues
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, OCD, neg.
full dentity, 69cm
 Multi BISS, Grand Ch
Ozrhode Ari Mystic Gypsy
/ Australia /
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, OCD, neg.
full dentity, 69cm
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stars 1Our wonderful 4 were born 10.April 2017stars 1
Born 10.04.2017 4puppies: 2boys -black nosed /2girls-1black, 1livernose
All ridged, No DS detected, No kinked tail, white marks in standard
mini heart
Introducing our H-team -individual photos of Newborn puppiesmini heart
mini heartPREGNANCY DIARY  mini heartPHOTOGALLERY of their first 2months
PEDIGREE of planned litter
Australia-USA-Canada-JAR-EU bloodlines
Info pre záujemcov o šteniatko -TU! Info for interested new owners - HERE !
 Jelany Red Djimbo Farey0 farey head web  Dreamed Yman by Luanda0 yman head web
(CRUFTS, INT CH Villagedogs Hot Topic x JWW, WW, CW, INT CH, Multi Champion & Winner Aresvuma Olana Red)

Date of Birth: 26.05.2012
Height:70 cm, Weight:46kg
Correct complete scissors bite
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, OCD:0/0, LTV -free

DM tested: -N/N no carrier
Thyroid tested - clear
Liver gene /B-locus: B/b carrier,
Blue gene /D-locus: D/D -no carrier
Hemphylia (facor IX) - no carrier
Brucela canis -negative

no gun reaction - nice character

Farey is father of 3litters, where no DS was found, there were only few multicrowns and 1kink tail in his previous litters.
Farey´s web here.

 (Champion USA x Canada Thornberry Akala x EW, INT Ch, BISS, Multi Grand Champ. Multi Champ. & Winner Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda /liver/)

Date of Birth: 01.01.2011

Height:63 cm, Weight:32kg
Correct complete scissors bite
HD:0/0, ED:0/0, OCD:0/0, LTV -free
spondylosis: clear

DM tested: N/N-no carrier, 
Thyroid tested - clear

no gun reaction & very swet temperament.... my best temperament from all my ridgebacks girls.

Yman is also a mam of our F-litter, which has developed very nice in body, character and also in all health aspects all healthy to my knowledge!
Yman comes from our D-litter.
Yman´s web here.

mini heartFarey was born in a healthy litter of 12 puppies - all litter no faults - just 3 multicrowns.
For the first time I sow Farey at the World Dog show 2013 Budapest, where he won Junior Class and that time I marked to my catalogue - I must check this boy pedigree.
At that time he was too young for my breeding plans, so I had to wait how he will develope in his health and also in body constitution + character.
In  2015 I had the pleasure to see him in some shows in Europe.On 30.May 2015 I was invited to Moscow to judge IV Speсialty show of Kennels Union RR.
I must say there were many nice ridgebacks but for me, Farey shined at first glance so I placed him that day as my Best of Breed. He won under many more judges and breed specialists, so the quality of this boy is seen by many others.His pedigree is mix of USA, Australia, JAR x EU lines, with many famous dogs titled as: World Winners, European Winners, Inernational champions multi champions of many countries.
I see in Farey elegant well builded RR boy in red wheaten coat - with a very nice top line, nice neck insertion to the body, well angulated and with a beautiful head.

mini heartYman is my sunshine with the most sweet character I have in my rr pack, and she gave it to her babies from her previous litter.
She has exactly the body I was dreamed to improve in my ridgebacks. Her front chest is so beautiful, hard to find in EU similar -for me.
Since she was a baby she needed a longer time to develope, and only a breed specialists recognized her qualities and placed her with 1st. place even as the best bitch of the show, + more wins as is the best ridge and best movements. Yman is from our D litter after my legendary girl BISS, EU Winner, ICh, Multi Grand Ch, Multi Ch -Hillvalley´s Angel for Luanda and a beautiful Champion of Canada & USA -Thornberry Akala from Canada.
I did not show her as often as her mam and her half sister, as I have my "own litter" 2legged - twins.
Ymi is very elegant girl, with perfect body in my eyes, and she gives her best to her babies. Yman has untill now one litter. Some of the F-litter are already tested and all are Healthy.

I believe we can welcome this year a beautiful bunch of healthy puppies. This time we welcome also a livernosed ones ... so exiting  :)!

mini heartVIDEO Farey at the final competition FCI 6 -stacked + movement

mini heartVIDEO: Yman in movement & stacked - video from 27.February 2016 -outside 5°C windy day...

Farey photos:
Yman photos

luanda h litter2016

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We are evry proud to present you our upcomming litter for Spring Summer 2017.
In pedigree of this outstunding combination you find Wolrd Winners European Winners and lots of champions.
Both of them already proved in their progenies health and quality. We are very exited about this litter !
luanda h litter2016