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Including the following information:

:: short presentation about yourself and your family

:: country and city where you are from

:: contact information (phone number, E-mail, address)

:: your experience with Rhodesian Ridgebacks or other dogs

:: are you interested in standard puppie - show quality, or pet puppie?

:: why you wish to own a rhodesian ridgeback puppie from our kennel


May I keep RR outside ?
We do not advice to keep ridgeback outside !
RR has a short hair and if there is a winter RR can have several cold- health problems, which makes your ridgeback unhealthy.
RR is an inteligent breed and need a company of his human - family.
The more a dog is outdoors, the less behavioral control you have.
All RRfriends and ridgeback breeders we know around, keep their ridgebacks inside theirs house and are full members of families - the same we do.

Is Ridgeback a family dog?
Ridgeback is a sleep lover when you give him enough time to spent his energy for excersising and obedience.
They love living with people and are generally quiet in the house.
Ridgebacks need plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy. You'll need to set aside playtime and time for training.
Young puppies need a lot of socialization to be good companions. A weekly obedience training class and daily practice is a must for your Ridgeback to become a welcome member of your family.
If this seems like too much for you and your family's schedule, then perhaps this is not the right time to get a Ridgeback.

Pet or Show puppy.
A show quality puppy is one who has no obvious show faults (at that age) that would hurt it's chances of completing it's championship title. This puppy could be suitable for shows and breeding .

A pet quality is one who has some "cosmetic faults" visible at its age:
Ridge: crowns are off-set more than 1,5cm, one or more may be missing or there may be more than 2 crowns associated with the ridge.
It may be too short or not start correctly behind the shoulder, or it may not be there at all!
A ridgeless puppy would still have all the wonderful attributes of the breed.
Too much white colour on the paws or chest,a kink in the tail, improper ear carriage or size,flaws in the bite...
A male pup may have undescended testicles. Pet quality puppy has to have also pedigree !

How much does a Ridgeback cost?
Ridgebacks can vary in price at 8 weeks
from 700-1200€ for a Ridgeless puppy/ pet quality puppy
to 1400- 2500€ for the show puppy /pick show puppy from a litter.
Breeders have to pay veterinary bills, buy dog food, pay for housing, licensing, showing...
All these things must be taken into account. In addition,  the litter owner may have had to pay a large stud fee -/ it depends on the breeder if he goes abroad or just goes to neighbourhood to breed his bitch /, drive or fly the bitch to the dog, feed and veterinary bills for the puppies and take in to account the amount of money they have in the dam of the showing costs if she's a champion or multi champion, feed, housing,required health checks.
The quality pedigree/ and exteriour of the sire and dam and of the puppies also play a role in the litter owner's prices.

Why should you get a pup from the registered FCI/SKJ litter and not just anybody's two dogs?

Ridgebacks have a variety of genetic problems - hip dysplasia, dermoid sinus, allergies, thyroid problems and heart problems. Someone who is "into" Ridgebacks, like showing and striving to produce the best and healthiest dogs are going to be aware of these problems and will have tested their dogs and should something happen ( and it does!)
Dog breeding is like a roll of the never know what might show up!
/some parts of text are from very educating © Kalahari RRs web site/
We do recommend :
Before you buy a puppy, do read Ridgebacks literature or make yourself as much knowledgable as much you can. Go to shows to see ridgeback in real, ask owners ofr breeders about ridgebacks, household and living together, about training ridgebacks, and of course about the health...
Contact a Ridgeback breeder and ask about pedigree, health and of course go to visit the pupps, that you can see in what conditions puppies are keept.
If the breeder tells you that his dogs has guarantee for the health - do not believe him, and go to another breeder.
Breeding ridgebacks is not eassy and the last word has always nature ....


a kiss from a well socialized puppy :o)

our puppies have theirs own room, and we keep care of them 24hours

a" puppy happiness " - you have to keep smiling :o)

we socialize our puppies well :o)

....after long months in new families
our puppies are always happy to see us and want to lick us and wagging theirs tails with all body :o)
photo copyright: Luanda RRs


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