13 - 21.01. 2008

At the begining of the January 2008 our Ani get into her season.
We planned to see her fiance Lex in the late autumn 2008, but than we changed our minds,
because we wish that our puppies could enjoy the sunshine of the spring or summer.
So we thought we go from 11. january till 16-th. january, because dady Tom has from 17.01. a work business show where he had to be.
But as you never can plan this things it was really like Anis progesteron shows us ;o)
So on Thursday morning Tom took the plane home and came on Sunday 20.01.08 to pick us from Goteburg,
because mam could not do the 1450km alone.
While Tom was in Slovakia for his bussines, Ani and Lex did a great job together, and they were really in love with each other.
And because there was everything on the right time - on the right place we hope and believe
that after two months we enjoy Ani x Lex babys.

and here are the photo galeries of our Swedish romance ;o)

Lex - Swedish gentleman

a real stuner - Lex the great Rhodesian Ridgeback
honoured by specialists on the breed- with the best awards.
Lex photo presentation you can see in MKgallery soon.

"Swedish Romance"
Ani x Lex in love...

"matting mission" :o)

Sweden is beautiful ...

Goteborg - the second bigest city of Sweden

The way home

Tina a Lex - ĎAKUJEME :o)

we hope together for the puppies :o)

THANKS A LOT to all my close RR friends and breeders
who helped me with any advices we needed on the way or good tipes about the "mating mission"
I very apreciate it.

The END of the STORY