Puppies 4weeeks old garden photos -free in movement and standing shots

Our puppies 4weeks old in the garden FREE STANDING :)

Some of our gorgeous show quality boys are AVAILABLE !
Possibly ONE show quality girl (ms orange or ms violet) as the reservation is not confirmed yet. For more info contact me by messenger.
Thanks to my Sofi & Neli for help with babies 

Puppies are 2 weeks old

Puppies at 2 weeks  had their nails cuttued for the first time and were dewormed.
Everyone is gaining weight beautifully, they opened eyes and their ear canals are opening too. Photos from their second week of life can be found HERE

2 weeks old L litter IMG 3137

Our puppies 3 weeks old

Our puppies are starting to get to know each other, they have learned to eat puppy food from a bowl, recognize objects around them, toys, common household sounds, they already perceive our hugs and learn to be clean :). Some of the puppies are available for loving homes, for more information contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Photos from the 3rd week of their life can be found HERE.3 weeks old L litter IMG 3224

Luanda L-litter 1st week old

Our babies wonderfully growing and gaining the weight. More photos of theirs first week of life HERE
Luand puppies 1st week IMG 2931

Our L - litter arrived 17.July 2023

17.07.2023 we welcomed our expected LUANDA L-miracles❤️💙
Hennessey Sunrise by Luanda x Erebos Arte Cassari
Nessy started the delivery at 01:28am (17.07.) delivered 11 puppies in just 4hours (unfortunately one girl was stillborn - "watered".
I did my best to bring her back, but it did not worked - run free sweet angel) than Nessy had 2hours pause and afterwards she brought another 2 babies..
I am so happy and proud of our beloved Nessy, how smooth and fast delivery it was. We have ALL puppies with ridges - only one girl has 1crown extra -all other ridges ok. The final score is 12 puppies 8 boys & 4 girls.
I feel so very thankful to all stars in heaven to all our guardian angels and for all best wishes.

Detailed info about our babies HERE !
LUANDA L-litter 17.Jul 2023
Information about PARENTS:

Happy New Year 2023

PF 2023In the New Year, I want to wish everyone that every breath brings love, health and positive energy into your life, and every breath removes tension, doubts and fear from life.
Let every word spoken be true, encouraging and kind... All the best in 2023 and many sunny days...
I thank 2022 for bringing me not only beautiful and joyful moments but also many difficult ones that were my great teacher...Thank you to all the stars in the sky,my guardian angels and all beautifull hearts I had the pleassure to meet in 2022.
Thank you, thank you, thank you ...




Just Like a Dream of Luanda - Best Rhodesian Ridgeback - Dog Cup competition 2022

We are very happy that our "Daisy" - EJW 21, Multi JCh, Multi Winner *JUST LIKE A DREAM OF LUANDA* as a young female in the competition Slovakia Dog Cup 2022 - took 🏆1st place in the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed - with the highest number 234 points (from Slovak exhibitions).
DaisySKJ RR WINNER 2023Sum